Lena Tempich

I teach... Dance Acrobatics.

I dance because... I can best awaken the joy of life that lurks in the body and between the bodies while dancing.

I pay special attention to... the game that the bodies play with themselves and their surroundings! There is a movement, a thought, the wind, a tingling sensation, the atmosphere, the room, the dancer...

This song always gets me moving... Happy by Pharrell Williams.

As a teacher I have been especially influenced... somatic dance directions like BMC and Amerta Movement. Besides Lecoq, Girokinesis and fun in different dance directions - Reaggaton, Baratha Natyam, African, New Dance...

The best place for me to dance is...  fabrik Potsdam at the Potsdamer Tanztage.

A key moment in dancing was for me... a moment when my body and my feelings became completely free and I noticed that dancing can be more than "just" movement!

I would like to pass on to my course participants... that every impulse can be a reason for dancing. And that dancing is an encounter - with what, everybody decides for himself!

Every year I look forward to that... to spring, summer, autumn and winter!

Lena Tempich is a somatic movement art trainer, dance pedagogue and figure player. Her wealth of experience includes various dance styles, improvisation techniques, movement practices and bodywork such as BMC, Yoga and Girokinesis. She works as a lecturer for creative children's dance and yoga, leads interdisciplinary and intercultural stage projects and realizes performative works with her company liaisonafaire.



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