Body Mind Centering® - To find Balance and Faith in the Rollercoaster of Emotions

with Odile Seitz  

27 Feb 2021Dance and movement

Insecurity, fear about the virus, worries about the future, as well as longing for loved ones and the structured everyday life with its familiar routine, the possibility to socialize or simply let go: the situation wears us down, destabilizes us. It changes habits and fixed points, makes it difficult to plan and think for the long term.
Right now it is important to create clarity, through the power of each inhalation, the letting go of each exhalation, through noticing the silence behind circling thoughts, discovering the calm behind the turmoil.
Through movement, the exploration of one's body and especially the endocrine system, resources for powerful centering, inner peace and energetic movement are strengthened.

No prior experience is necessary for this workshop.

The workshop takes place online. You can register here.


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