Workshop Week Schiffbauergasse  

28 Jun – 02 Jul 2021Kids and young dancers

Summer is coming closer and with it the workshop series "WhatsArt". Children and young people between the age of 9 and 16 can once again look forward to a diverse program at the Schiffbauergasse. Creative experimentation, daring to try something new, or dedicating a week to a hobby - we are now accepting registrations for the following courses:

Akrobatik und Tanz (9 – 12) with Mounir Mack
DJ – Auflegen und Mixen (12+) with René Bourgeois
Fotografie (10+) with Michael Lüder
Parkour (12+) with Potsdam in Bewegung
Schwarzlichttheater (9+) with Nora Raetsch
SuperFlux (10+) with Moritz Modell
Tanz – Contemporary (12+) with Luana Rosetti AUSGEBUCHT
Upcycling/DIY (10+) with the Werkhaus Potsdam
Vertikaltuch/Tanzakrobatik (12+) with Anna Buchenau and Carla Petzold
Videoworkshop (9 – 13) with Oscar Loeser and Clemens Kowalski

The workshops take place under current hygienic regulations.


Price info

Workshop fee: 60 €