Swing/ Lindy Hop - Rhythm Booster

Workshop | with Jo Hoffberg (D/USA) und Bogdan Kalchev (BUL)  

02 Oct 2021Dance and movement

Oftentimes in Lindy Hop we speak of dancing as a way of communication between partners. Bogdan and Jo are back in Potsdam to keep that conversation going and emphasize how powerful rhythm can be when it comes to making your dancing richer and more expressive. “In Swing Dancing there are no mistakes, there are only variations.” is one of the famous catchy phrases of Frankie Manning and that’s not coincidental at all, if you’re aware of your rhythm! In this set of classes Bogdan and Jo will guide you through the process of purposefully making “mistakes” and fixing them in style and with confidence. Once we have that, the focus will be to “exchange” rhythm ideas inside the couple and get inspired from one another. Shortly put - the aim is to dig deeper in the concept of “T’aint what you do, it’s the way that you do it” so that you’ll walk away from the class more confident in and aware of your rhythm, feeling more free to express yourself while dancing.

Bogdan and Jo are excitedly looking forward to do some solo, rhythm and connection drills with you.

The workshop lasts four hours plus one hour break.
11:30 - 13:30
14:30 - 16:30


Price info

Price: 75 € per Person


Participation only with presentation of a vaccination, test or convalescence certificate. Please note that masks are compulsory in the corridors and in the lock rooms.