Workshop Week Schiffbauergasse  

11 – 15 Jul 2022Kids and young dancers

In 2022, the fabrik, the T-Werk, the Waschhaus and the museum FLUXUS+ will again offer familiar formats but also new unusual projects. In the first week of the summer holidays from 11 - 15 July, children and young people can take part in various workshops on the grounds of Schiffbauergasse.

Movement - Performance - Dance (14+) with A. Twarowska and M. Basso
DJ - DJing and Mixing (12+) with René Bourgeois
Photography (10+) with Michael Lüder
Musical (12+) with Xenia Argyri
Parkour (12+) with Lukas Schapp from Potsdam in Motion
SuperFlux (10+) with Moritz Modell
Acting (12+) with Janina Sasse
Upcycling/DIY (10+) with the team from Werkhaus Potsdam
Vertical cloth and dance acrobatics (12+) with Anna Buchenau
Video workshop (9 - 13) with Oscar Loeser and Clemens Kowalski

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