Nina Ihlenfeld

I teach... Contemporary Dance, but I also combine different styles in the dance workshop for young people. Often my dance students develop their own ideas, which we incorporate into our pieces.

I dance because... it is a passion that does the soul good and I can go into a different, whole world of my own.

I pay special attention to... beautiful music, togetherness, joy when trying things out and a special dance aesthetic. What is important to me is the space for my own ideas for all dancers. I see a lot of potential in diversity.

This song always gets me moving... Grounding by Langoth (feat. Da Fonz) at the moment. But many other songs too. From Missy Elliott to René Aubry to Swingjazz... It changes.

A particularly formative influence on me had... my mother, who is also a dance teacher. When I was a child, the living room furniture was pushed aside every day so that the dance lessons could be prepared. The choreographies were powerful, creative and sometimes quite unique. That accompanied and inspired me.

The best place to dance is... a big dance room.

Key moments while dancing... I had many. To slip into different roles of the dance fairy tales as a child - bee, sailor, robber's daughter - was wonderful, but also to be able to orientate oneself towards very different dance teachers in youth and young adulthood. During my training I was able to develop my own style.

To my course participants I would like to pass on... that they learn not only from me but from each other too, since they themselves have a decisive influence on the dance lessons through their ideas and their participation, because for me only the exchange means real inspiration.

I am happy that... I can pass on my passion for dance and that many of those whom I have accompanied through my lessons for a while have stayed dancing.


Nina Ihlenfeld completed her dance training at the Lola Rogge School in Hamburg. As a dance teacher and choreographer, she has been teaching children, adolescents and adults in the fields of contemporary and hip-hop at the factory, at Dock11 and the Tanztangente for several years.


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