Open Studio / Work in progress | Renae Shadler (Berlin)  

08 Jul 2023 | Artists in residenceArtists in residence

In residency from June 26 to July 08 2023
In this showing the audience is invited to discover an initial development of Greyline – a drifting performance in interaction with two Aerocene sculptures that are inflated by air, carried by the wind and lifted only by the sun. A "grey line" is a metaphor for an unclear border, something that is blurred and indecipherable. The project asks, how can we dissolve the perceived border between human and non-human bodies and challenge geopolitical borders in an age of climate inequality. Greyline also refers to the narrow band that separates the regions in daylight from those in darkness around the world. The performance will continue until the sculptures no longer fly due to reduced sun power, accepting the agency of the atmosphere and questioning humans' desire for predetermined control. This is the second part of a trilogy that started with Under my Gaze (presented at St. Elisabeth Church Park 2022/2023, Tanz Im August - Interconnecting Dance & Ecology 2023) and furthers Renae Shadler's choreographic research into how to make "more-than-human" relations tangible in performance.

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Choreography, Performance: Renae Shadler / Co-creation, Performance: Dorota Michalak, Luan Manfredi / Dramaturgy: Maikon K / Production, Distribution: Dörte Wolter