Eines Nachts

Oxymoron Dance Company (Potsdam)  

27 Jan 2024 | Made in Potsdam 2023Dance / performance

A large fabric wall hangs behind the stage, projections form a lively and constantly changing background of light, words and images. Five dancers blend into this sensory overload, almost lost in an oversized frenzy of information. In Eines Nachts (One Night), Anja Kozik stages the global production, information, illusion and virtuality of our time in the form of a river in order to gradually deconstruct and reinterpret it. The piece transports us into dreamlike, almost exuberant worlds of images by the artist Cecile Wesolowski, which serve the musicians and dancers as a framework for their own environment of sound and choreography.


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Price info Ticket

Price group D
Advance booking: € 16 / red. € 8
Box office: 17 € / red. 8 €
The ticket is valid for Film & Choreografie II at 21:00 at fabrik Potsdam.

Festival pass Made in Potsdam: 30 € / red. 15 €



Dance: Xenia Argyri, Ivi Riga, Alessia D'Isanto, Veronica Lillo
Sound: Modem&Acoid
Video: Cecile Wesolowski
Costume design: Juliane Götz
Mapping: Mateo Ziethen
Director: Anja Kozik
Duration: 50 min.