Empathic Chamber / Al-Monboso

La Manufacture (Lausanne) | Yasmine Hugonnet (Lausanne) / Radouan Mriziga (Brüssel) / La Manufacture (Lausanne)  

22 – 23 May 2024 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2024Dance / performance

On invitation of choreographer Thomas Hauert, Yasmine Hugonnet and Radouan Mriziga created two pieces for the dance students of La Manufacture in Lausanne. Highlighting human interaction and the impact of natural landscapes on the arts, these two performances underline the relationship between individuals and their environment. Empathic Chamber explores human links through movement. Yasmine Hugonnet examines the way in which people reveal their emotions and how these are perceived by others, encouraging them to see the beauty of shared experiences. In Al-Monboso, Radouan Mriziga questions the influence of landscapes on art, philosophy, and science, at a time when they are often over-exploited for profit. He examines mountains, symbols of romanticism, their historical significance, highlighting them as emblems of resistance. Through the art inspired by these landscapes, the piece fuels the debate on the environment.

Afterwards on Wed 23 May: talk with the artists

On Thu 23 May, 21:30: Concert Skyline Sun at fabrikgarten (Entrance free of charge)


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Advance booking: 20 € / reduced 9 €
Box office: 21 € / reduced 9 €

Double ticket with Necropolis on Wed 22 May:

Advance booking: 26 € / reduced 13 €
Box office: 27 € / reduced 13 €

Advance tickets (except festival pass) are valid as a ticket for public transportation for one person for the Berlin ABC area (Berlin/Potsdam) two hours before the start of the event and until 3:00 a.m. the following day.



Choreography: Yasmine Hugonnet, Radouan Mriziga
Choreography assistants: Krisztina Abrànyi, Bilal El Had
With the dancers of class G: isam //Isabela del Carmen Abad Montalvo, Sira Aymerich i Besalú, Alice Gratet, Baptiste Homère, Cyan Huescar, Gaëlle Jeanbourquin, Annaïk Juan-Torres, Paula Ramis Muñoz, Nyala Simpson, Jasmin Sisti, Adina Voldrabova, Judit Waeterschoot
Technique: Nicolas Berseth, Zineb Rostom
Production: La Manufacture – Haute école des arts de la scène, Lausanne
With the support of Domaine Musique et Arts de la scène de la HES-SO
Internet : www.manufacture.ch
Duration: 90 minutes