Sahar Damoni (Schefar‘am)  

23 – 24 May 2024 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2024Dance / performance

With Nawa, Sahar Damoni continues her work on the impact of abortion and shifts the focus to the physical and psychological effects of the surgical procedure and anaesthesia. Metal poles on stage – they might be lamps, masts, obstacles, or supports. Sahar Damoni uses them as a framework for a journey into different mental and emotional states. Through fog-like sounds and sensations, she wanders into the depths of the subconscious and asks: Does the body remember? Sahar Damoni conjures the dualities of pleasure and pain, conscious and subconscious, as she envisions ways to heal. The dance combines movement, photography and video, sound and textile to create multiple landscapes of experience spanning the personal, communal, and political.

Afterwards on both days: talk with the artists (Thu: all public / Fri: women only)

On Thu 23 May, 21:30: Concert Skyline Sun at fabrikgarten (Entrance free of charge)
On Fri 24 May, 22:30: Concert Dj Shuwana at fabrikclub (Entrance free of charge)


Price info Ticket

Advance booking: 16 € / reduced 8 €
Box office: 17 € / reduced 8 €

Double ticket with Yebo Yes! on Fr 24. May:
Advance booking: 26 € / reduced 13 €
Box office: 27 € / reduced 13 €

Advance tickets (except festival pass) are valid as a ticket for public transportation for one person for the Berlin ABC area (Berlin/Potsdam) two hours before the start of the event and until 3:00 a.m. the following day.



Choreography, concept, and performance: Sahar Damoni
Artistic advisor: Sarah Holcman
Photos and video: Corinna Rosteck
Lighting design, video editing, scenography: Oded Komemi
Costume Design: Elizaveta Dulkin
Soundscore: Recorded sounds, OSHO Kundalini Music by Deuter, Acid Arab
Sound editing: Sarah Holcman, Oded Komemi
International communications & development: Katherina Vasiliadis
Advisor to project: Dieter Jaenicke
Supported by: The Lottery Council for the Arts, PACT Zollverein Residency Program,  fabrik Potsdam, Holland Dance Festival; Beit-Hagefen, Haifa, South East Dance,  RAPPORT Dance Residency, Goethe Institute Tel Aviv,  Frauenkirche-Stiftung Dresden, Kulturbehörde der Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Suzanne Dellal Centre, Independent Dance, Siobhan Davies Studios & Sadlers Wells London
Many thanks to T-Werk
Internet: www.sahardamoni.com
Duration: 60 Minuten