Kono Atari No Dokoka (Somewhere Around Here)

Michikazu Matsune (Wien) & Martine Pisani (Paris)  

28 – 29 May 2024 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2024Performance

With German and English overtitels. 

Michikazu Matsune grew up  in Kobe, Martine Pisani in Marseille. What they have in common is the memory of cicadas singing and the smell of seawater - and, of course, dance. In Kono Atari No Dokoka, Michikazu Matsune, Martine Pisani, and Theo Kooijman look back over the French choreographer's forty-year career. Video recordings from 1984 show Martine Pisani performing a solo in Odile Duboc's dance studio. Michikazu Matsune recounts how he came to Europe to learn dance after seeing Decouflé's opening choreography for the Albertville Winter Olympics on television. Theo Kooijman remembers dancing the tango with Pina Bausch. Little by little, the audience is plunged into Pisani's humorous universe and into the essence of his work: an unstable dance, marked by the poetry of the unexpected and the simple presence of the body, a dance stripped of all effect. The traces are unstable, too: what remains of a performance and its own biography... Kono Atari No Dokoka is a tribute to a choreographer who has been a regular guest at fabrik Potsdam for over 25 years, and who has left her personal mark on the company - even naming a tree in the fabrikgarten: Françoise...

Afterwards on both days: talk with the artists

On Tue 28 + Wed 29 MayWorkshow / Video works Compagnie du Solitaire/Martine Pisani


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Concept: Michikazu Matsune in dialogue with Martine Pisani. Based on works by Martine Pisani
With: Theo Kooijman, Michikazu Matsune, Martine Pisani 
Light:Ludovic Rivière 
Video: Michikazu Matsune, Maximillian Pramatarov, Anne Lenglet
Artistic feedback: Miwa Negoro, Ludovic Rivière, Anne Lenglet
Translation, corrections: Marion Schwartz, Brian Haman 
Subtitles Panthea: Carolin Seidl
Concept publication: Michikazu Matsune, Miwa Negoro
Design publication: Aki Namba
Video documentation: Markus Gradwohl 
Management: Frauke Niemann , Franziska Zaida Schrammel
Production: Studio Matsune, La Compagnie du Solitaire
Co-production: Festival d’Avignon, Tanzquartier Wien, Maison de la Culture d’Amiens, fabrik Potsdam, SPRING Performing Arts Festival Utrecht
With friendly support by: La Briqueterie Centre de développement chorégraphique national, Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Centre national de la danse (Pantin) 
Supported by Ministry of Culture Drac Île-de-France, Cultural Department of the City of Vienna, Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Public Service, and Sport, Austrian Cultural Forum Paris, Fonds Transfabrik (France, Germany), and ONDA – National Office for Artistic Diffusion
Developed for the Avignon Festival 2023
With friendly support by Institut français and the French Ministery for Cultur / DGCA
Many thanks to T-Werk
Internet: www.michikazumatsune.info / www.ciemartinepisani.fr
Duration: 75 minutes