Sinking Sideways (Gent/Rotterdam)  

30 May – 02 Jun 2024 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2024Dance / performance

In René, the audience sits around a rectangular stage on which two dancers explore freedom within a narrow frame. Playing with the geometry of bodies and gravity, they sway up and down, merging into a perfectly synchronised duo that creates a hypnotic mirror illusion. Their precise, fluid coordination is reminiscent of the regular motion of a Newtonian pendulum, drawing the audience into a performance in which the performers offer themselves to a refined, highly physical choreography. The serial music, with its repetitive motifs and subtle changes, creates a fascination in harmony with the dancers' fluid transitions in this small space. Underlining the excitement of variation and diversity in what may seem to remain unchanged, René reveals the human aspects of what it truly means to collaborate, to achieve and to fail – never alone but always together.

Recommended for the whole family from age 10.

On Tue 30. May, 22:00: Concert Maxim Pritula at fabrikgarten (Entrance free of charge)


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Free entrance 



Artists & project coordination: Xenia Bannuscher, Dries Vanwalle
Outside-eye: Thomas Falk, Axel Guérin, Dagmar Dachauer

Music composition: Jonas Bolliger

Light design: Rinus Samyn
Costume: Hanne Pierrot

Technician: Jef Delva

Company management: Leoni Grützmacher - ehrliche arbeit / freies kulturbüro
International distribution: Anne-Agathe Prin
Co-production: PERPLX, Circustruction, CirkLabo, Theater Op De Markt – Dommelhof
Supported by: Circus Dance Festival, Zirkus ON, Miramiro, Latitude 50 - Pôle des arts du cirque et de la rue, Château de Monthelon, Circuscentrum, Cirkus Kolektiv, The HUB
Internet: www.sinkingsideways.de
Duration: 45 Min