Sasha Amaya, Oscar Loeser, Lidy Mouw & Katrin Wittig  

06 Jul 2024 | Islands of the FutureParticipatory installation

WEILE is a performative installation that takes on a barren area at the intersection of the motorway (Humboldtbrücke) and Berliner Straße in order to observe it, take a closer look, revitalise it and simply linger. Since March 2024, a camera has been continuously recording the small changes, visits, passages and interventions in order to document them and then make the recordings accessible. WEILE invites passers-by to take part in moments of research and exploration as well as moments in which the perspective only serves to be changed. WEILE celebrates the fact that flora, fauna and people are in the same place at the same time as concrete, stones, wind and sun.


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Admission free of charge