The Moment in-between

Dance and music improvisations | ma-Ensemble  

06 Jul 2024 | Islands of the FutureOpen air performance

In the interplay between dance and music, the ma ensemble develops a score that shifts over several hours in slow, continuously changing landscapes of sound and movement, almost meandering. The artists start under the bridge on the Havel, past the Studiohaus and Museum Fluxus and onto the stage of the fabrik. They are in motion and yet perhaps sometimes not, or in between. From movement to stillness, from inside to outside, in the interplay of loud and quiet. How much variation does deceleration harbour? The score allows the ensemble to meet the audience and other actors on site. This creates a flow and undertow and celebrates the sensitivity of change, pausing and allowing. At the end of the journey, a joint improvisation is created on the fabrik stage.


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Admission free of charge.



Michal Hirsch (dance)
Yuko Matsuyama (dance, voice)
Alexander Beierbach (tenor and soprano saxophone)
Nicolas Schulze (Fender Rhodes piano and electronics)