Fake Bombs

German Pop rock, Punk  

02 Aug 2024 | Sound(g)arten 2024Open air concert

Fake Bombs formed in the late 80s as a harmless school band. Initially, they wanted to make it big with pop songs - commercially the safest bet at the time. Their cheesy melodies and lyrical vows of love not only made every pop fan's heart beat faster, but the titan of German pop, Dieter Thomas Heck, also recognised their potential and signed them as his manager. But even the best laid plans can go awry: Dieter Thomas Heck became more and more entangled in the world of the Fake Bombs, tried to manage the chaos, but got himself into a deep maelstrom of drug problems and lactose intolerance, and finally had to end the collaboration. A real low point in Dieter Thomas Heck's career and the end as presenter of the ZDF hit parade.

This did not detract from the band's success: mainstream punk also offered lucrative opportunities and their drug problems were part and parcel of good punk behaviour. With their new, rebellious attitude and shrill performances, they quickly made a name for themselves within the punk scene. But the adventure was abruptly interrupted when Fake Bombs had to leave the country in the early 90s due to tax evasion. They had managed to get themselves into trouble by falsifying tax returns and importing industrial hemp, which drove them into exile.

In Europe's underground and far from the law, they continued to play in dodgy clubs and bars, collecting bizarre experiences and partying wildly. After years of playing hide-and-seek and the expiry of the statute of limitations on their tax problems, they made a triumphant return to Germany. And with a smash hit that rocked the charts. Their comeback hit Oben ohne stormed the Ballermann charts and became the party anthem of the summer. Fake Bombs were back.

But the next scandal was not long in coming. Internal disputes led to the exclusion of trombonist Till ‘Tilidin’ Tetzlaf, who had been with the band from the very beginning. Till, deeply hurt and angry, went to court and enforced an injunction. As a result, all publications and internet entries about the band had to be deleted. Fake Bombs disappeared from the public eye practically overnight, and the band disbanded shortly afterwards.

But the chaos didn't end there. During the corona pandemic, Fake Bombs re-formed, this time with a depressive robot as drummer, who recited melancholy poems between songs and stared at his rusty drumsticks with sad eyes during breaks. And now the time has finally come: on 2 August, the Fake Bombs will give their first concert after their reunion! The expectations are high and the anticipation even higher. They are expecting fireworks full of energy and humour that will blow any performance out of the water - and plenty of ibuprofen, of course.


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The Sound(g)arten series is an event of the fabrik Potsdam with the support of the state capital Potsdam.