Outside Punk – inside Tango!

Big Tango Ball

Milonga with live music | Quinteto El Cachivache (Buenos Aires)  

19 Oct 2019 | Festival Arrabal 2019Milonga with live music

Outside Punk - Inside Tango: El Cachivache Quinteto is one of the best known tango groups on the world music scene. Their style is undeniably original, creative and stirring. Argentine musicians Vito Venturino and Pablo Montanelli founded the group in 2008, also known as Tango-Punkers. They compose their own pieces, interpret tango classics and create an energetic sound. In Europe and Asia, the five tango punks receive great attention for their modern and very danceable style, which inspires dancers and music fans of the classical and extravagant tango. The elegant melodies with powerful rhythm literally set all feet in motion. The mixture of punk aura, virtuoso playing and a passion for tango are living proof that a particularly exciting music can emerge from apparent opposites.

Cast: Vito Venturino (guitar), Pablo Montanelli (piano), Adriano De Vita (bandoneon), Pacha Mendes (double bass) and Bruno Giutini (violin)


Price info Ticket

Pre-sale: 30 € / red. 15 € / ViP-Abo 25 €
Evening box office: 31 € / red. 15 € / ViP-Abo 26 €
Both balls: Pre-sale 40 €, red. 20 € / Evening box office +2 €