Tango Café Special with a-cappela choir

Ensamble Encanto (Berlin)  

20 Oct 2019 | Festival Arrabal 2019Milonga with live music

Tango Café from 12:30
Ensamble Encanto from 15:00

Songs from ancient times, with highly dramatic, poetic and wonderfully everyday stories about the last common coffee, the dancing barman behind the counter, the tank heart and the serenade to the homeland - that is the repertoire of Ensamble Encanto. The 8-member ensemble wants to bring the Latin American, lyrical temperament to Germany - out of pure passion a cappella!

Artistic director: Sergi Gili Solé
Singers: Camilla Hildebrandt, Katharina Frank, Gretel Rodríguez Sosa, Stefanie Becker, Anna Zant, Sebastian Bielen, Ludwig Rubenbauer, Johannes Gockeler, Javier Avila

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Admission free / Donations welcome!