How big is the willingness to see and accept other people as they are?

Let Us Stay

Murillo Basso & Anita Twarowska (São Paulo/Potsdam)  

16 – 17 Jan 2020 | Made in Potsdam 2020Dance / performance

How does acceptance and rejection, trust and doubt influence a relationship? What does attention, understanding and selflessness mean in this context? The new piece Let Us Stay by Anita Twarowska and Murillo Basso is the second part after For The Two of Us. For Us All (premiere 2018 at fabrik Potsdam) of a dance trilogy. The performers remain true to the theme of interpersonal encounter and go a step further by exploring the motivations to maintain a connection. How far does one go to stay? And how great is the willingness to see and accept other people as they are? Body, language and music combine to form a choreography that leaves room for emotions. In an intimate setting with the audience, the sensitive and vulnerable moments are explored, creating a deep and honest interplay.

After the show on Fri Jan 17: Talk with the artists


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Concept / Direction / Performance: Murillo Basso, Anita Twarowska
Sound design: Nicolas Schulze

With the support of fabrik Potsdam as part of the program Artists in Residence. Supported by the City of Potsdam.
Many thanks to T-Werk
Duration: about 50 minutes