A fan-breath composition about the material air.

Der Stechlin. Ein getanztes Naturdrama

Maren Strack (Berlin)  

18 Jan 2020 | Made in Potsdam 2020Dance / performance

With her bellows and flutes, tubes and fur jacket, the artist Maren Strack resembles a witty science fiction figure who lets the air circulate, sound and flow through her movement. In this performance, she refers to Fontane's novel "Der Stechlin," which portrays a society in upheaval. She devotes herself to the material air, which she tests and exhibits in a fan-breath composition. The Brandenburger Wind, without which Stechlinsee could not unfold its magical water play, becomes the agent of a world that is in a permanently catastrophic state. The long-cherished conservatism of a Brandenburg noble family gives way to the social democratic and cosmopolitan ideals of the next generation. The life constant of the figures remains the Stechlinsee despite all changes. If something really catastrophic happens, legend has it that a red cock rises out of the lake and crows its way into the country.


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Single ticket: Price group F
Advance booking: 8 € / tanzcard, ViP-Abo 6 € / red. 4 €
Evening box office: + 1 €

Day ticket: Price group D
Advance booking: 16 € / tanzcard, ViP-Abo 12 € / red. 8 €
Evening box office: + 1 €

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Performance / Installation: Maren Strack
Composition: Potsch Potschka
Dramaturgy: Tobias Kluge, Kerstin Lücker
Artistic collaboration: Johan Lorbeer
Stage construction / technology: Lichtblick Stage technology
Kindly supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg
Many thanks to Kunstraum c/o Waschhaus
Duration: approx. 40 minutes