Arbeiten der Gruppe Laboratorium (Potsdam)  

16 Jan – 02 Feb 2020 | Made in Potsdam 2020Exhibition

Opening Thu Jan 16 20:00 / Exhibition Fri Jan 17 – Sun Feb 02 2020 (Wed-Sun), 13:00-18:00

Since 2011, the group Laboratorium has been exploring the boundaries and points of contact of performative and visual arts, music and sound art with Atelier im freiLand Potsdam. The frictional surface created there initiates development processes, cooperation and changes in positions.

Jenny Alten | Bianca Baalhorn | Gregor Bednasch | Paula Breithaupt | Marie Busse | Florian Helbig | Sascha Herold Udo Koloska | Matthias Kremer | Phillip Langer | Irina Maslennikova | Lydia Müller | Anne Posselt | Max Stühlen | Asia Waluszko | Heiko Wennesz

In addition to a snapshot of current works by the artists who work and have worked at Laboratorium, the group presents the exhibition project BAKO. The artists involved here are looking for possibilities of expression that gradually emerge in an intuitively grasping process. The project consciously aims to provide an expressive and sensual practice to the conceptual focus of contemporary art production.

Detlef Birkholz | Daniel Fitzenreiter | Lydia Müller | Joschua Pleep | Stefanie Stock | Heiko Wennesz and guests.

Akt/Werkstatt is a field in the frame of Laboratorium. At Kunstraum as an open AKTion space, consisting of a presentation of the longstanding study of nudes and current course offerings.



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Free admission.