A dialogue about the longing to trust and be able to support others.

Más o menos inquietos

German Premiere | Daniel Abreu (Madrid)  

06 – 09 Aug 2020 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2020Open air performance

The Spanish choreographer and dancer Daniel Abreu is no stranger to the dance audience in Potsdam. In recent years, he has shown his work at Stadt für eine Nacht and as part of the Potsdamer Tanztage at the fabrik Potsdam and T-Werk. This year, he is represented with two pieces in the programme of the Potsdamer Tanztage. Abreu's choreographies are characterised by flowing movement material, high dynamics, and expressive charisma. Simple materials, sticks, cloths, or natural found objects serve to support and expand bodies, structures, and lines in space - or stand symbolically for human qualities and thematic relationships. Más o menos inquietos was created at the invitation of Roberto Torres for the Scenic Books Festival in Garachico as a work for public space and has already been performed in France, Mexico, and Canada. Together with the dancer Carmen Fumero, Abreu creates a dialogue about the loneliness of the individual in responsibility for himself and the simultaneous necessity and longing to trust and be able to support others.


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Choreography: Daniel Abreu / Dance: Carmen Fumero and Daniel Abreu / Music: Collage / In the frame of the series KUNST zur ZEIT in the State Parliament of Brandenburg and with the support of the spanish culture ministry (INAEM) / Duration: ca. 20 Min.