Ginevra Panzetti & Enrico Ticconi (Turin/Berlin)  

14 – 15 Aug 2020 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2020Dance / performance

Harleking is a demon with multiple identities. His body expression resembles that of the Harlequin from the Commedia dell'Arte - a sly servant driven by an insatiable hunger. Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi have reinterpreted with dance the well-known figure, revealing the contradictory fascination for this ambivalent personality. It can hardly be grasped, is constantly in transformation and evokes vacillating feelings between sympathy and malice. 

Note: The performance will also be broadcast live on screen at fabrik Garten. Free admission.



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By and with: Ginevra Panzetti, Enrico Ticconi / Sound design: Demetrio Castellucci / Light design: Annegret Schalke / Costumes: Ginevra Panzetti, Enrico Ticconi  / Technic: Paolo Tizianel / Illustration and Grafic: Ginevra Panzetti / With friendly support by: VAN, Tanzfabrik Berlin, PACT Zollverein, NAOcrea - Ariella Vidach - AiEP, KommTanz - Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni, L'arboreto - Teatro Dimora Mondaino, AtelierSì, C.L.A.P.Spettacolodalvivo, Cronopios - Teatro Petrella, Vera Stasi - Progetti per la Scena, Network Anticorpi XL / Duration: ca. 40 Min.