I'm Here

Yasmeen Godder (Tel Aviv-Jaffa)  

27 Jul – 15 Aug 2020 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2020

With her work I am Here, Yasmeen Godder invites people to perform a personal, physical ritual in the privacy of their home or in a protected room of a dance studio and to create a body print with paint on fabric. The idea for this work was born during the time of the first Corona-Lock Down in Tel Aviv. For the choreographer it was a reaction to the disappearance of the body in public and the need to reconnect with it, to feel its materiality and at the same time acknowledge its fragility and vulnerability. With the purchase of the ticket, participants receive a box of materials, an introductory text and a video link. With their consent, the body prints of all will be collected and presented for the duration of the festival at a location on Schiffbauergasse.

״When the emblem of the body is hung high in the street, it’s alive, and it roars. Suddenly new bodily possibilities open up, through its most private image, to be, even if only temporarily, where it doesn’t belong. Wherever the physical body is limited and confound, be it due to the current situation (COVID-19), social constructs (the nudity) or the power of physics (air versus ground), the body’s simulacra, its shadow, its representation – can continue roaming the earth, making up for what we lack.״ Dar moussafir  


Price info Ticket

Standard: 10 € / Support: 20 €
The prices consist of a standard and support tariff. The support tariff is an additional contribution to support the festival and the artists.

Sales start on July 27, 2020.



Idea and concept: Yasmeen Godder / Production: Potsdamer Tanztage und alle Teilnehmenden / With friendly support by the Ambassy of the State of Israel in Berlin.