Jazzoffensive #6

Beyond Boundaries  

04 Sep 2020 | Jazz festivalOpen air concerts

With Aki Takase JAPANIC, Marilyn Mazur, Mokete Mokete, as well as the band Absolutely Sweet Marie, the festival presents an excerpt from the sound cosmos of jazz with a wild and passionate program. With this year's motto, the jazz offensive presents music without borders. Aki Takase, the female mastermind of many exciting projects, brings the crème de la crème of jazz and electronics to the stage. With DJ Illvibe aka Vincent von Schlippenbach, the producer of Peter Fox, Seeed, is Miss Platnum at the turntables, Daniel Erdmann as a non-rising but already "cunning" musician on the international saxophone sky, Johannes Fink and Dag Magnus Narvesen as the rythmic basis for the driving runs of the band. From Denmark comes the legendary percussionist and drummer Marilyn Mazur, whose rhythmic sensitivity has been and still is in demand by the greats such as Miles Davis and Jan Gabarek. nfortunately Stian Westerhus and Erland Dahlen have to cancel their performance due to Covid 19 limitations. We have been able to find a wonderful replacement: Mokete Mokete are coming with a dynamic, lively jazz, funk and impro mix that is really something. And last but not least the young band Absolutely Sweet Marie will interpret the good old Bob Dylan songs completely new.



Absolutely Sweet Marie / Waschhaus open air stage

The Berlin quartet interprets exclusively the music of Bob Dylan, without singing and in an unheard way. Four instrumentalists, rooted in jazz and improvised music, process the extensive work of Dylan. In the quite unusual instrumentation of three wind instruments plus drums, a spectrum of new timbres and grooves is created: delicate, chamber-musical moments are replaced by dense collective improvisations, brass-band sounds are juxtaposed with a network of polyphonic overlays. An exciting new discovery and a must for all Dylan fans!

Steffen Faul - Trumpet
Matthias Müller - Trombone
Alexander Beierbach - Tenor Saxophone
Max Andrzejewski - Percussion

Aki Takase JAPANIC / fabrik Garten

The new and exciting quintet of the legendary musician and composer Aki Takase, as a continuation of her award-winning projects Fats Waller or New Blues, which shows that jazz has lost none of its dynamics, joy of playing and fun. With Daniel Erdmann on saxophone, DJ Illvibe aka Vincent von Schlippenbach on turntables (producer of Seeed, Peter Fox, Marteria, etc), Johannes Fink on bass (Joachim and Rolf Kühn, etc) and Dag Magnus Narvesen on drums (Kitchen Orchestra), she has brought young, profound and experimental musicians to her side to travel new musical worlds.

Aki Takase - Piano
Daniel Erdmann - Tenor Saxophone
DJ Illvibe aka Vincent von Schlippenbach - Turntables
Johannes Fink - Double bass
Dag Magnus Narvesen - Percussion

Marilyn Mazur / Waschhaus open air stage

The Danish drummer and percussionist with Afro-American and Polish roots plays, dances and makes use of the most diverse forms of expression. With her sense of rhythm and sound she is able to enchant the audience. The list of her musical companions is long, only to mention Miles Davis, Gil Evans and Jan Garbarek, who brought her into their bands. For decades she has been a constant in the world of jazz and is considered a pioneer of world music.

Marilyn Mazur - drums, percussion

Stian Westerhus & Erland Dahlen
: cancelled because of Covid 19 limitations


Mokete Mokete / fabrik Garten

"Densely layered (jazz?!) music. Cool, vibrant, funky, hypnotic. ‎Think Jim Jarmusch Soundtrack - but it's live. Mokete Mokete will blow you away.“
Johannes Schleiermacher: sax & synth
Daniel Schröteler: drums
Jerome Bugnon: trombone
Dirk Berger: guitar
Beat Halberschmidt: bass


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One day ticket: Advance booking 30 €, ViP-Abo 25 €, red. 15 € / Evening box office: +1 €




An event of fabrik Potsdam in cooperation with Waschhaus. With friendly support by the City of Potsdam.