What is the universe made of? From a nutshell, a rib, sparks of stardust? And what did it all begin with?

Eine Geschichte der Welt

explore dance at the submerge festival | Lea Martini & Dennis Deter  

15 Aug 2020 | Explore dance – Dance for young audience Kids and young dancers

We are happy that the piece Eine Geschichte der Welt, a production from explore dance- Network dance for young audience, has been invited to the submerge Festival at the Lake Studios. 

A workshop "Creatures, planets and running nose" will take place from the 10. until 13. of August from 10:00 until 16:00 and will be led by the perfomers and choreographers Lea Martini and Johanna Ackva. 

The workshop reviews games, exercises, and conversations used within the development of the piece Eine Geschichte der Welt. We look for intersections between fiction and physicality, between creating text and imagination and movement research that asks for creatures we don‘t know of yet. During the creation process, we met several times with children from elementary school who contributed to the piece. We wish to transmit their spirit of curiosity, joy, and unpredictability within this workshop and are looking forward to all get bathed into magic cream as a start for our own performative journey.