The new possibilities make the small world bigger, but also bring new difficulties...

PayPer Play (8+)

3G | Stage play | Andrea Costanzo Martini  

22 – 23 Mar 2022 | Festival explore dance #3Young dance

What if our fantasy suddenly became reality? If we could wish all our dreams home? Toys, holiday feelings, even playmates? What starts with an empty, boring room in Andrea Costanzo Martini's play PayPer Play turns into a grab bag of surprises - beautiful, funny, but also somewhat scary surprises. The new possibilities make the small world bigger, but also bring new difficulties. PayPer Play tells of wishing, friendship, disappointment and comfort and takes us into a world that holds many facets behind the smooth wall.


Price info Ticket

Advance booking: 8 € / red. 4 € / tanzcard 6 €
Evening box office: 9 € / red. 4 € / tanzcard 7 €


Reservation: 5 € per student
explore package: 8 € when booking two performances
Lunch (freshly prepared, varied and vegetarian): 4 € up to 6th grade, 5 € from 7th grade.

Admission is only possible in compliance with the applicable distance and hygiene rules and by applying the 3G regulation. Please note the mask obligation with FFP2 mask during the entire event. Due to the control of the G-status, we ask you to be on site early, preferably 30 minutes before the start of the event.



Choreography and dance: Andrea Costanzo Martini
Dramaturgy: Yael Bigon-Citron
Dance: Carmel Ben Asher, Avidan Ben-Giat
Stage design: Oded Younes, Avidan Ben-Giat
Light design: Yoav Barel
Rehearsal director: Melanie Barson
Technical operation: Barnaby Booth
Music: Binya Reches, Pachelbel, Pierre Bastien, Kylie Minogie
Outside eye: Amelie Mallmann
Photos: Yair Meyuhas
Duration: approx. 60 minutes