Wort(g)arten: Mirna Funk

Who Cares!  

17 Oct 2022 | Wort(g)arten 2022Reading

Mirna Funk is fed up with the debates about gender inequality, care work and compatibility. Self-determined, independent women don't wait for someone to change social structures for them, they don't stylise themselves as victims. They follow through and act! With this statement, Mirna Funk wants to encourage all women to really live their long-standing freedom. Her Jewish identity and her East German origins have given her an image of women that is radically different from that of current mainstream feminism. Because she believes in the power of self-efficacy.

Mirna Funk, born 1981 in Berlin, studied philosophy and history at Humboldt University. She writes articles and essays for various publications, has published two novels and recently completed her first screenplay.


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A event by fabrik Potsdam in collaboration with the library Vitkoriagarten.