Walk series JOULE #1

Wind-Power-Impact. Blowing In The Wind | Jasmin İhraç & Lidy Mouw (Berlin)  

26 Feb 2023 | Made in Potsdam 2023Hike

JOULE is a two-year performance series in which Jasmin İhraç and Lidy Mouw invite the audience to take part in various walks. These lead to concepts, places and people connected to energy production in Berlin and Brandenburg. Together with the participants, they will collect movement sequences to be incorporated in a performance for the festival Art and Climate 2024. The first walk focuses on understanding wind as a force. On this walk, the participants will have the opportunity to experience wind turbines up close. An expert will explain aspects of physical energy conversion processes. Finally, the discussions and experiences of the walk will serve as inspiration for their own movements, which will be transformed into a joint group choreography on site. Previous experience is not required.

With the physicist Emily Henningsen from the University of Magdeburg and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, and the engineer Jürgen Helms, who planned and built the wind farm on behalf of Enercon and Alterric.

Important: Weatherproof clothing and shoes are advisable for the walk. Please bring your own food and beverage. We are happy to offer inclusion assistance.

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Participation free of charge, registration required with ticket booking.

Start/End Rail station Jüterbog: Am Bahnhof 4, 14913 Jüterbog [RE3, RE4, RB33]