The Schwings Band / DJ SWINGIN' SWANEE  

19 May 2023 | HavelHop 2023Party with live music

The first big swing ball as part of this year's HavelHop. We expect Lindy Hoppers from all over Germany. The Schwings Band will be playing live for us and DJ Swingin' Swanee will be heating things up. The Schwings are a vintage swing and New Orleans jazz band hailing from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. They were founded in 2011 by legendary jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist Remis Rančys. The Schwings quickly became popular at Lithuanian jazz festivals, clubs and Lindy Hop dance events. Initially, the band played golden standards of swing, Brazilian and gypsy jazz, but has since started recording original compositions. Their latest albums, Plazi and Plombyras, reached the top spot of bestsellers in the swing/jazz category on Bandcamp - a popular online music outlet. Spotify data shows that most of The Schwings' fans live in the US. Now they perform internationally and have "swung" their Lithuanian spirit in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Greece, Poland, Estonia and Finland. With their music as varied as the seasons, The Schwings can be as scorching as summer, as nostalgic as autumn, as pure as winter and as uplifting as spring - all in a single evening.


Price info Ticket

Advance sale: 20 € / Evening box office: 22 €
The advance ticket is valid as a Berlin ABC ticket for one person from two hours before the start of the event and until 3 a.m. on the following day (not valid for Party Pass).
Party Pass: 40 €