Summer Workshop | with Adi Weinberg, Giulia Del Balzi und der JugendTanzCompany  

22 – 24 Aug 2023Kids and young dancers

Move & Play is an intensive workshop for young dancers aged 14 to 20. Here you can try out and gain new movement experiences. Invited are the members of the JugendTanzCompany as well as all other young people who would like to get to know the company and get more intensively involved with contemporary dance.
Come and dance with us! We look forward to seeing you!

11:00 - 12:30 - Movement Playground
With Adi Weinberg

With joy of experimentation we dedicate ourselves to different movement impulses, open our senses and unfold our personal creativity. We playfully try out different movement possibilities and train our strength, endurance and flexibility. In the process, we create personal movements that express our self.
Adi Weinberg is a dancer, choreographer and Gaga teacher. She graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and has worked with internationally renowned choreographers and institutions. Since 2014 she has been developing her work as a choreographer. She teaches gaga and movement workshops for different audiences in Warsaw, Berlin, Potsdam and at various venues and festivals in Europe and Israel. She is also a curious student who practices Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

13:00 - 14:30: DanceLab - Discovering Choreography
With Giulia Del Balzi

How is choreography created? How can we create a dance from different images, feelings or impulses? We get in touch with each other, discover our own language of movement and translate our ideas into movement.
Giulia de Balzi is the director of the JugendTanzCompany. She has been a dance teacher at the fabrik Potsdam for several years and accompanies various dance projects with children and young people as a dance facilitator. She completed her training as a dancer in Italy. She danced for the Junior Balletto di Toscana and Anhaltisches Theater Dessau before settling in Berlin as a freelance dance teacher and choreographer.


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Fee: 30 €

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