Somatic Dance and Improvisation | with Laura Gary  

Cancelled | 08 Oct 2023Dance and movement

In this workshop, participants are invited to dive into a somatic journey through their evolutionary origins of movement, a focus will be made on the embryologic and first moments as a human being. 
It is an invitation for discovering authentic and very primitive qualities of movement, while focus on anatomic evolution such as our basic neurocellular patterns and our primitive reflexes.
In a second part, enriched from previous embodiment and state of mind, participants will be invited to create poetry with their bodies, writing their individual stories, and work on solo instant compositions and improvisations scores, contemplative dance practice will be the tool to witness and navigate between similarities and singularities.


Laura Gary has been practicing dance and improvisation from an early age. It all started with modern-jazz, modern and contemporary dance. She scoured ballet studios for a short while and have been influenced by urban and club dances while she was a student.
Laura had the chance to be supported in order to create her artistic universe and dance training and built a self-made study program in order to become choreographer, performer, dance and movement teacher. She could participate to several Gaga Intensive trainings, to the Summer School in P.A.R.T.S, join several edition of Camping in the Centre National de la Danse and immerse herself at La Maison pour la Danse in Québec.
She also performed into different performative formats for several choreographers in France and abroad.
She started to bring Body-Mind Centering® into her researches and is attending the Somatic Movement Education (SME) program and the Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME).
Studying meditation and living now in the countryside in Brandenburg, Laura intent to teach and offer to children as well as adults the possibilities to express themselves through movement and make grow the poetry from their own personality.



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