Embodied slowdown

Stopping together for a day | with Laura Gary (Oberkrämer)  

06 Jul 2024 | Islands of the FutureDance and movement

Let’s take a break together for a day through this performative workshop. Participants will be encouraged to find an active, conscious engagement with the moment, whether in stillness or in movement. The workshop is divided into two parts, one is dedicated to the experience of different meditative, somatic and movement approaches guided. The group will then be invited to move out of the studio and together experience the different festival activities in a performative act of observation and movement. Embodied Slowdown is an invitation to experience the festival as an observer as well as an active participant in a collective journey of mindfulness and creativity. Laura Gary's leadership provides space for each to explore the interplay of movement and presence and tune with the fleeting beauty of the moment.

This workshop offers the chance to :
• Embody the experience of slowing down:
Together we will explore what it truly feels like to slow down.

• Make a statement:
We’ll publicly mark ourselves with fluorescent stickers and proclaim ‘Slowing Down’ as a state of being a form of contemplation and an artistic statement.

• Embrace timelessness
Allow yourself to be late or early within the program's frame letting go of any expectations around punctuality.

• Just be
Whether it’s staying still improvising or simply feeling we’ll find the in-between states of the anatomical and spiritual body.

• Practice non-Attachment
We’ll value the process of dissolving into a form and the process of disengagement, respecting these states of being.

• Create a parallel world:
Together we’ll imagine a space without beginnings or endings where we can truly slow down.


14.30 - 16.30: Workshop
16.45 - 18.45: Performance at the festival Insel der Zukunft


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