Vivatomy of the feet | with Anja Clarissa Gilles  

14 Aug 2020 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2020Bodyword and fitness

In her work as a licensed Cantienica® instructor, Anja shows ways to achieve optimal length, power from the middle and full, three-dimensional mobility. Trust in the body is to be restored and new possibilities explored. Cantienica® gives a conscious connection to the body, the competence to deal with pain, a feeling for body economy, coordination and grace. The focus of the workshop is on the feet: the foot is a masterpiece of evolution - built for life-long use and the foundation of pain-free, effortless walking. From relaxation exercises to running: What the feet need, what the feet can do, how the feet work.


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20 € / Support 30 €
A discount of 20% on the final amount of the workshop fees is granted from the booking of 3 workshops.