Summer Special

Research Class for woman and girls (10-90 Jahre) | with Rachel Erdos  

23 Jul – 06 Aug 2021 | Artists in residenceIntensive Workshop

From July 18 to August 7, 2021, Israeli choreographer Rachel Erdos and three dancers will work in Potsdam to continue research for the dance piece "Too old for this s***."

"Too old for this s***" explores the theme of age through movement and text. How do people of different ages interact and move with each other? How do they discuss certain issues and attitudes? Beginning with the questions of what we are too old or too young for, Rachel plays with the limitations of age. She engages with participants in a process of communication, moving together, and getting to know each other. Each phase of life has its own quality, affects physicality, but also emotional feeling. What are we growing out of, what are we growing into?

With this open workshop women and young girls between 10 and 90 years are invited to enrich this dynamic research.

Due to hygiene regulations, 8 people with a negative test, vaccination, or recovery can participate at a time. Please register!

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