The beauty of a bloody mess

Interdiscipinary performance project | with Nir de Volff & Moran Sanderovich  

Sold out | 13 Sep – 02 Oct 2022 | DiR – Dance in Residence BrandenburgArtists in residence

Nir de Volff (choreography) and Moran Sanderovich (visual arts) invite you to give a look under your own skin in a multidisciplinary performance project. Both artists interweave their approaches and open a three-week creative process at the interface between performance and visual arts. Wounds, traumas, emotions and organs form the basis of a creative process in which the hidden is brought to light.

To what extent can physical manipulation and somatic practice open pathways into physical and mental zones in which it is possible to transform pain into power? How can body transformations and bodywork evolve into empowerment? How can we expand our perception of beauty?

With Moran Sanderovich, you will create your own costumes, prosthetics, and body manipulations. The visual artist uses silicone, fabric, industrial waste and toys, organic objects such as bones and hair, latex and other found objects in her work. Nir de Volff shares a somatic practice that connects mind and body through breath brings up individual energy and movement. Both approaches intertwine into a physical-performative space. The studio becomes a laboratory of objects, self-made costumes and movements.

The project is aimed at creative people interested in movement, with or without movement experience.

The results of the work will be presented as part of the exhibition FIGUR---GRUND II at Kunstverein KunstHaus on 02 October 2022.

About the artists : 

Nir de Volff (ISR/DE) is a choreographer, performer and the artistic director of the Berlin company TOTAL BRUTAL.De Volff creates nationally and internationally social-political dance projects. He teaches a movement practice called BBM - Breathing Bodies Movement, which leads body to connect between three elements: nervous system, respiratory system and spirit. In Summer 2021, his piece JOY (trailer), for the Forward dance Company(Leipzig), premiered, in which dancers with non-normative and normative dance equally.

Moran Sanderovich (ISR/DE) is a multidisciplinary artist. Her work spans various media including performance, sculpture and installation. Her sculptures are either stand-alone artworks and installations, or carry material as prosthetics and transform her body. Sanderovich's works seek new ways to challenge perceptions of the human body and are highly complex, combining different materials with great attention to detail. More about Moran's work in the following reportage of the 30.10.21

Yaniv Schonfeld (ISR) is an interdisciplinary artist working with sound and stage. He uses the discipline of theater, its philosophies and theories, as a basis for creating narrative and conceptual musical performances that are neither concerts nor music theater in the traditional sense. Yaniv's practice focuses heavily on the building of and use of self-constructed instruments which are treated as objects that can be actuated on a stage.
In Parallel since 2017 Yaniv's practice is focusing on teaching groups about art, technology, diy, performance art and the relationship between Technology, Art and Physical Action. yanschon.weebly.com 


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The participation to the performance project ist free of charge.

The project will take place from September 12th to October 2nd. The workshops will be held at Rechenzentrum from September 13th to October 2nd, on Tuesday and Thursday from 17:30 to 20:30 p.m. during the week and 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Each one is asked to participate in at least 3 meetings per week. 

The workshops will be held in English and German. 

REGISTRATION : For questions and registration with a short description of your profile and motivation, write to us at: mitmachen@fabrikpotsdam.de

LOCATION : Studio 104 - 12/13 at Rechenzentrum - Dortustraße 46, 14467 Potsdam. 




The project takes place in collaboration with the Kunstverein KunstHaus Potsdam

The project is part of the porgramm DiR – Dance in Residence. DiR – Dance in Residence Brandenburg is a cooperation project of fabrik moves Potsdam and TanzWERKSTATT Cottbus. The program is created in cooperation with Pro Potsdam, Bürgerhaus am Schlaatz, fabrik Potsdam and the Brandenburg State Museum of Modern Art | Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus and is supported by DIEHL+RITTER/TANZPAKT RECONNECT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative, the State of Brandenburg, the City of Potsdam and the City of Cottbus.