JOULE series of walks

Kick-off workshop | with Jasmin İhraç & Lidy Mouw (Berlin)  

11 Sep 2022 | Kunst und Klima 2022Installation & Performance

Jasmin İhraç and Lidy Mouw invite you to the kick-off workshop for the two-year performative walking series JOULE, which will start in autumn 2022. The day hikes will lead to places and people with a connection to energy production culture in Berlin and Brandenburg. In the workshop, the artists ask initial questions about the topic of energy production and the associated cultural techniques, such as wind power, as well as artistic practices. In a spatial installation, the participants go through a course with impulses on this and on the general idea of migration. The next step is interactive feedback, which is then expressed through individual and joint movement ideas. Through the exchange, participants and artists try to gain a broader understanding of energy production, which is important for the series of walks.

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Fee: 10 €