Open Call: Nowhere Kitchen

with Pepe Dayaw (Manila/Berlin)  

28 Sep – 01 Oct 2022 | DiR – Dance in Residence BrandenburgPerformance

Pepe Dayaw invites you to participate in his creative process that combines cooking, dance and fashion in an artistic practice.

Nowhere Kitchen is a culinary performance project. It is based on the philosophy that everything can be used and processed and the improvised play of cooking with what is there. The creative use of food creates an experimental space in which the environment, the movement of the body and cooking as an action are explored.

As part of the residency in the frame of DiR – Dance in Residence Brandenburg, Pepe leads workshops that focus on the individual and collective potential of the participants. The materials available in the space provide the basis for the process that emerges when cooking, movement and dance merge to develop a routinised choreography.

Everyone who wants to broaden their horizons and is interested in dance, performance and social developments is invited.

After the workshop: Come together on Oct 01, 2022

Pepe Dayaw was born in Manila, grew up on a small island in the Pacific and lives as a performer and choreographer in Berlin. He worked as a ritual dance performer and researcher, moved to Europe in 2010 to study theatre in Amsterdam, and is beginning to reimagine his life as a performance artist. Since 2013 he lives in Berlin and develops the project Nowhere Kitchen into a nomadic culinary laboratory and performance method. He runs Sari-Sari, a multifunctional living space that opened in Neukölln in 2017. He speaks 7 languages and is a professional karaoke singer.


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Participation free of charge.

Info and registration: mitmachen@fabrikpotsdam.de