Movement Research

Workshop | with Adi Weinberg  

12 Nov 2022 | Tanzintensive 2022Dance and movement

Join dancer, choreographer and Gaga teacher Adi Weinberg for a 2.5 hours movement research session circling around her new performance piece If The Bull Won’t Come. The workshop will be a chance for participants to experience and explore the emerging movement language and themes from the process of creation with Adi. 

At the centre of Adi’s new work If The Bull Won’t Come (premiere on 18. - 19.11.2022, fabrik Potsdam) is a woman in transformation; She is propelled into an encounter she did not expect: with herself. As she comes into contact with her multiple parts, her many selves, she experiences the different elements that live harmoniously, destructively and chaotically inside her. She is many and one. 

We will play with different images, improvise and have also some time to share experiences and chat. The workshop is open for everyone; either with/without background in dance from the age of 18+, who is curious about a creative process and who loves to move!

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