Kunst und Klima 2020

Let's make art for future

10 – 13 Sep 2020

With performances, an open space, lectures, workshops and music, the Kunst & Klima festival invites people to share art, develop projects, act sustainably and collect ideas. The programme offers the framework for artistically approaching the topic of "climate" and for filling the challenge of climate change with new freedoms and possibilities. We are looking forward to numerous premieres and participants from France, Belgium, Germany, USA from the fields of art, journalism, science and politics. Artistic designs demand innovative debate, seek rapprochement, condensation, abstraction and emotion - and solidarity. Everyone can and must be part of the solution in the small, in the individual, in the everyday, in the fundamental and in the common.

One day ticket: standard 10 € / support 20 € / free up to 19 years
Workshops: special rates
Selected programme items are with free admission or/and muss be reserved in advance. 

Thu 10 September

19:00–20:00 Commons, Climate, Resilience - day ticket
20:00–20:35 grandeur nature - day ticket

Fri 11 September

14:00–19:00 ffflo / Video-Installation - day ticket
16:00–21:00 WEILE - free admission
16:00–21:00 JazzLab – Sundance - free admission
17:00–19:00 Salon Baukultur - day ticket
19:00–19:15 Waldeinsamkeit - day ticket
19:33–20:08 grandeur nature - day ticket
20:15–20:30 Waldeinsamkeit - day ticket
21:15–21:30 Waldeinsamkeit - day ticket

Sat 12 September

11:00–17:00 Workshop Audio Description - registration
12:00–16:00 Workshop Bodies on Earthregistration
12:00–18:00 Das ist noch gut! - participation free with registration 
12:00–18:00 New ideas for arts and climate - free admission with registration
12:00–21:00 ffflo / Video-Installation - day ticket
14:00–18:00 WEILE - free admission
18:00–18:15 ffflo / Performance - day ticket
19:00–19:15 ffflo / Performance - day ticket
19:30–20:05 grandeur nature - day ticket
20:15–20:30 ffflo / Performance - day ticket
21:00–21:35 grandeur nature - day ticket

Sun 13 September

11:00–13:00 Arts – an actor against climate change? - free admission
11:00–16:00 Workshop Nature meets nature - registration
11:00–16:00 WEILE - free admission
11:00–17:00 Workshop Audio Description - registration
12:00–16:00 Workshop Bodies on Earth - registration

An event organised by fabrik Potsdam with the support of the City of Potsdam and the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection of the State of Brandenburg. Many thanks to the Bundesstiftung Baukultur, Antonome Frauenzentrum Potsdam, Luftbild Umwelt Planung GmbH and ZAN gGmbH.




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