Made in Potsdam 2020

Festival of contemporary art

15 Jan – 02 Feb 2020

Dance, visual arts, music, literature... MIP is a festival "made in Potsdam". Every year the fabrik Potsdam and Kunstraum present new productions and works by artists* who are connected to Potsdam and the Brandenburg region, who live, work or are guests for a short time as artists-in-residence. Choreographers from Canada are as much a part of the programme as artists from Germany, Poland and Brazil.

Common to many productions this year is the relationship between the body in motion and the textures of materials and objects with which it finds itself on stage or in the gallery. Emile Pineault, for example, transforms the stage into a pink fabric landscape in which bodies can be redefined in a soft environment; Clément Layes presents a box as the starting point for surprising actions; Julia B. Laperriére and Sébastien Provencher question people's obsession with categorisation in an environment that gradually turns to chaos under the law of nature; Maren Strack devotes herself to the material air, which she tests and exhibits in a fan-breath composition.

The focus of the exhibition in the Kunstraum is on the city's contemporary art production. In 2020, the exhibition entitled bako presents works by Laboratorium, an interdisciplinary group with its own studio in the freiLand Potsdam.



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